This is where you need to be…

This is where you need to be…

Are you just curious and want to check it out?

Or could it be that you feel something is off with your business. Is it just a feeling in your gut? Maybe it’s knowing that something is wrong with your business and you just cannot figure it out.

Could it be, your business has dropped off and your competitors are busy. If it continues… well you don’t want to think about that yet! 

For whatever reason, I’m glad you are here! This is the place for help

Since 1995 I’ve been advising small business owners on advertising and marketing their businesses. In a lot of cases, it was not until their problems (mostly stemming from a lack of customers) got to the critical point that I was called in, making it almost impossible to correct the situation with the budget or time they had.

Frustrated, I started looking for some way to identify markers or warning signs that would alert owners that preventative action at an early point was absolutely necessary or their business’ health would be in serious trouble.

One of the early attempts was a 25-point check list that an associate and I developed for workshops we gave, but it proved too cumbersome.

One day in the car I heard a public service announcement about the warning signs of stroke, which trigged an old memory of the 7 warning signs of cancer. I thought, why not develop something along the same lines but for businesses? It took research and help from my mastermind group, but I was able to develop the 7 Warning Signs of Lost Customer Syndrome and the special report that explains them. If you have not already downloaded the report and read it, you can CLICK HERE to download and read it for free.

It would be very helpful to read the report before you proceed with the free diagnostic appraisal and schedule your free 30 minute no risk consultation to go over your appraisal, and my recommended corrective actions that you can take, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Briefly, let me review the 7 warning signs that can kill your business.

1) Your sales have grown less than 30% over last year.

2) You are relying on new customers to make it through the month.

3) You are unsure how often your customers come back (if they do) to do business with you.

4)  Every customer is not giving you at least 2 referrals.

5)  You don’t know how your customers heard about your business.

6)  You have not reached out to current or past customers in the past 6 months.

7)  You are afraid to fire bad customers.

Bonus Warning

8)  You are always on feast or famine cycle.

 How many of the 7 Signs affect your business?  Two, three or more?

If any one of the signs you have is left unchecked. The more checks you have, the faster your business will die. Is that what you want?

Of course not! Most people want a healthy, profitable business and you do too!

To begin the healing and get your business back to a healthy status, you have to find out what is causing the problems and then administer the cure so that your business can recover and become the business you always wanted.

Are you ready to get started and have your business 100% again?

If you are, then complete the free no risk diagnostic appraisal by clicking on the link below and we will be able to find the areas where your business needs the most help and apply the correct treatment. After completing the no cost diagnostic appraisal you will be able to schedule a time to go over your appraisal and prognosis.

 I will also present you with a free copy of the finding, your prognosis, and the recommended corrective actions (your prescription) with a free 30 minute no risk consultation to go over it all with the cure to make your business healthy again.  


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I look forward to delivering your free business wellness report soon.

Dr. Philip Freedman, C.A.R.E.